DAZLAC SUPER EPOXY TILE GROUT is coloured grout for joint filling of ceramic tiles, vetrified tiles, marble and stone. Suited for places where resistance to bacteria, shock and chemicals is required. If properly applied gives good waterproofing.

DAZLAC SUPER EPOXY TILE GROUT is free from manufacturing defects. The material has a warranty for 1 year from date of manufacturing. Company will not take any responsibility for the defects due to improper mixing or application of the material. The warranty is limited for the material. If the material is proved defective, the company shall replace the material provided proof of purchase is produced along with the defective material.

Direct contact may cause irritation to skin/eyes.Use gloves while application of the grout. In case of direct contact, wash with plenty of water.If irritation persists, seek medical attention. DIRECTIONS FOR USE:
Surface or tile joints on which grouting to be done must be structurally sound, and dry. Surface must be free from grease,oil,dirt,dust,curing compounds,sealers,coating,or any other foreign matter.
Mix PART A and PART B thoroughly .Add part C and mix well for required consistency. There is possibility of hardening when kept after mixing. Consume the mixed material as early as possible.

Available in different colours.


  • "Excellent Products, Great Durability, easy to use with different surfaces! - Vinod Vijay, Ceo, Red Cocoon Inc!."

  • "Very impressive products, really ! By the simplicity of the customization and the choice of the colours to do it. "- Bava K S, Business Director, TSquareMoon."